SHOOTING into the sun using available light with craig kolesky


In this week’s Photo Challenge, f-stop Ambassador Craig Kolesky is challenging you to show him the photos you take while shooting into the sun.

"One of the very first things you may have been taught way back is NOT to shoot into the sun. Forget that right now…Shooting into the sun can create great results if done correctly and creatively. Also, it’s a myth that it is bad for your gear, although your eyes can definitely take some strain (so be cautious and don’t burn your eyeballs)."

Craig Kolesky is a Cape Town-based action- and adventure-sports photographer most at home in the mountains. Much like many of the top pros in the field today, Craig’s passion for extreme sports photography was borne out of participating in the sports himself – from skating, to surfing, kiteboarding and mountain biking.

Craig, who has been shooting pro since 2001, has not only developed a unique style, but has perfected a super fast workflow in keeping with the high pressure rigours of shooting events and activations for clients such as Red Bull and Oakley. His work however is not only commercial and brand based and he has a long string of editorial clients, the likes of Bicycling, Runner’s World, the Red Bulletin and Private Edition, all of which for which he regularly shoots covers.

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Get out there, have fun, and be creative! We look forward to seeing your shots! 



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