Shooting landscapes with a human element with Roy Cruz

In this week’s Photo Challenge, f-stop Ambassador Roy Cruz is challenging you to show him your best landscape photos with human element. 

Roy Cruz is a Filipino photographer based in South Korea. He shoot a wide variety of genres for clients, but his passions are travel and documentary photography. Whatever the genre, he is happiest when he is able to capture memorable moments, interactions, facial expressions, and those split seconds that would otherwise be gone forever. He also loves playing bass guitar, street food, cars, and tech.

1st place Prizes:



2nd Place Prizes:








To enter the photo challenge, read the f-stop Knowledge Base Article posted by this week's Judge, then post your best photo using the following hashtags:





Also, be sure to tag @fstopGear, and @tetherstraps in your post

Get out there, have fun, and be creative! We look forward to seeing your shots! 



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