SHOOTING wakeboarding with gustavo cherro

In this week’s Photo Challenge, f-stop Ambassador Gustavo Cherro is challenging you to show him your best wakeboarding photos. 

Gustavo Cherro realized the paradox early on that a photograph is not a 1:1 copy of what the eye sees, but an impression that requires the craft of a good photographer.
During his teenage years until today, he devoted himself to mountain climbing and living in contact with nature.  When he returned from those trips and saw his photos, he realized they did not do justice to his personal experience. So he started to buy magazines, read books, enhance his equipment until one day he took it seriously and started to study.  Immediately after, he got a job as a photo studio assistant and, little by little, he managed to buy his professional equipment


1st place Prizes:



2nd Place Prizes:








To enter the photo challenge, read the f-stop Knowledge Base Article posted by this week's Judge, then post your best photo using the following hashtags:





Also, be sure to tag @fstopGear, @SanDisk and @tetherstraps in your post

Get out there, have fun, and be creative! We look forward to seeing your shots! 




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