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SHOOTING nature with sonny royal


In this week’s Photo Challenge, f-stop Ambassador Sonny Royal is challenging you to show him your best Nature photos. 

Growing up alongside the subtropical Gondwana Rainforests and coastlines of Australia, Sonny has never been short of natural wonder to draw inspiration from since a young age. With a background in sustainable tourism, he has spent the best part of the last five years working and traveling throughout Tropical Asia documenting adventure ecotourism, wildlife conservation, and research projects through fieldwork, science communications, and creative digital media. Infatuated by remote travels abroad his portfolio is comprised of work from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and as far across the Indian Ocean as Madagascar.

1st place Prizes:



2nd Place Prizes:








To enter the photo challenge, read the f-stop Knowledge Base Article posted by this week's Judge, then post your best photo using the following hashtags:





Also, be sure to tag @fstopGear, and tag and follow @tetherstraps 

Get out there, have fun, and be creative! We look forward to seeing your shots! 




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