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Gear Stories



Ambassador Jason Nugent is traversing Canada with the Canadian Rally Championship as part of the official media team. He has been shooting rally for the last four years and for Jason the appeal of shooting the races is not just the speed and act...Read More



Knowledge is power, so in this Gear Corner story, we are peeling back the layers to understand the fabric that we use for the Mountain Series and Urban Series and answering some of th...Read More


PACKING JIGSAW: craig kolesky and his Sukha

The f-stop Sukha is the go-to pack for both creatives on the go carrying additional travel gear, and pros using big glass and multiple body set ups.

Craig Kolesky ticks both those boxes, so we're taking a dive into his Sukha to check out his camera gear for a...Read More


FIT GUIDE: Choosing the right ICU and pack for you

Engineered to be an entire transport system for serious photographers, f-stop packs are designed around a modular system of Internal Camera Units (ICUs) offering an endless variety of compatible carrying solutions – but sometimes so much modularity can be confusing. What’s th...Read More


Packing Pieces: Drones and ICUs - The mICRO TINY

Drones are increasingly becoming indispensable pieces of kit, not just for the 'video guys' but for all kinds of photographers and visual creatives. As technology brings ever-smaller drones, they have become an essential part of the toolkit for mobile story tellers. Her...Read More


f-stop Tips & Tricks: ICU Stacking & Hatchbacking

Our Mountain Series systems have become widely recognized for their comfort and modularity. A feature our hardware people always speak highly about has been the compatibility with our ICU system (a.k.a. Internal Camera Unit). It enables users the ability to balance their load and compart...Read More


General instructions on cleaning and maintaining your f-stop gear

f-stop backpacks are designed to carry and protect its contents from rigorous mountain terrain, airborne elements, and moisture. If you are doing battle with these elements, they can cause damage to your bag. Therefore, maintenance is required to ensure your bag is in optimal performing ...Read More


Three day gravel bike expeditions with Marc Gasch and his Guru UL

We recently got the chance to catch up with our long-time friend and Staff Pro Marc Gasch. Marc has been working as professional photographer for more than 20 years, mainly focusing on mountain biking and snowboarding. Earlier this year he got involved in the XPDTN3 project which involve...Read More


Ever wondered what “What’s in the pack” image would have looked like a century ago?

Here’s a chance for you to check how our Staff Pro Henry Iddon manages to shoot rock climbing and contemporary landscapes with an antique ultra large format camera.

He’s been using an “Underwood Instanto” camera, manufactured by E & T Underwood at th...Read More


#Hashtag your way to better photography

For professional photographers who shoot the same subject matter week in, week out, it can be a real challenge to stay creative, to keep trying to see things differently and to fend off the competition from younger, hungrier photographers trying to make a name for themselves and steal th...Read More


Shooting Sports with Elizabeth Kreutz

Elizabeth Kreutz ia a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Elizabeth is an award-winning photographer having won major prizes at World Press Photo and POYI. Elizabeth is also a member of the f-stop Global Icon team.

Elizabeth spends her time documenting athletes and recordi...Read More


Multi-day backpacking in the Swiss Alps; Tim Lloyd and the Loka

2015 was a year when my attitude towards photo gear started to change. Rather than facing every assignment with a full arsenal of pro camera bodies, a lighter approach started to take hold throughout my workflow, trying to capture more with less. I spent a day during the summer in the Sw...Read More


Shoothing Wild Musk Ox: Roy Mangersnes and the f-stop Shinn

Check out how Wildlife photographer Roy Mangersnes utilises the f-stop Shinn when shooting Musk Ox in their native habitat of Norway.
The Shinn is usually a pack that is used by videographers, but can be just at home with the Long lens shooters when a larger expedition pack is req...Read More


ShotKit review

One of the fascinations with photography is that fundamentally every camera is exactly the same as it has a lens that focuses light onto an imaging device, that device used to be film but is primarily a digital sensor these days. We all have an opinion on what is the best camera to use b...Read More


Words from the Pros : 5 Winter Photography Tips

This winter in the Pacific Northwest Mother Nature has been kind and brought us colder snowy weather than last year’s dismal “winter” where I often found myself in a t-shirt while doing outdoor activities in the local mountains. With the avalanche danger high from lots ...Read More


2015 f-stop Kashmir Tested with Athena Carey

Athena Carey, f-stop Global Icon, made the transition from Portrait to Landscape photography a few years ago and has since been travelling the world capturing amazing locations.

Since the advent of mirrorless cameras Athena has been making her kit lighter to enable her to captu...Read More


Namibia - Red Bull Ajna

October 2015 saw the formal announcement of the partnership between f-stop and Red Bull photography and the launch of the Red Bull photography Ajna.

As a result we had an amazing opportunity to do something a little different, something with one of our amazing Staff Pro team, s...Read More


2015 f-stop Tilopa Tested in Norway with Lars Schneider

Freezing temps, skin piercing snow, and wind gust so strong, loose items are constantly tugging for flight... sounds like a perfect testbed for the latest f-stop pack. When adventure photographer and f-stop pro, Lars Schneider, invited us along on a dogsledding trip in Norway, we knew it...Read More


Lucho and Lotus

Last year Lucho made a choice many professionals are challenged to do. He made a bold life-changing decision and moved his photography business halfway across the globe. Lucho left behind his safety net and everything he has ever known. He set his sights on the larger European market and...Read More