• Our Ambassador Community

    We have an exceptional community of talented and experienced photographers, videographers, storytellers and photo tour providers apart of our Ambassador team.

    We have several designations or types of Ambassador depending on the fields they work in or whether or not they provide educational services and photo tours.

    ICONs are an integral part of our product design, development, and promotion programs. These top professional photographers provide insights and feedback which we incorporate in our world-class camera backpacks.

    STAFF PROs are all professional photographers also very involved in the f-stop product design and development programs. Our incredible collection of STAFF PROs are all highly accomplished, world renowned visual storytellers in many different fields that include landscape, wildlife, adventure sports, travel, cityscapes, and video.

    PATHFINDERs are our Ambassadors who specialize in providing education services such as Workshops as well as providing Photo Tours in various part of our beautiful world.

    You can use the filters below to search through our Ambassador community, which we consider more of a family really. Click on each individual ambassador profile in order to view some information about them, as well as their various Social Media and Portfolio links.
    AllICONStaff ProPathfinder
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