• About f-stop

    Our mission is to provide the world's best camera bags, backpacks and accessories to make the lives of visual story tellers easier

    The f-stop Vision

    We founded f-stop in 2006 with a vision to combine the best camera bags with the best outdoor performance backpacks. And in the process, we revolutionized the way visual storytellers carry their equipment.

    We continue to focus on innovation by harnessing the insights of our Brand Ambassador team to create industry-leading products and build a global presence.

    We are proud of our ongoing commitment to protecting the beautiful places we love, so future generations of adventurous creatives and visual storytellers can enjoy the beauty of our planet.

    We want to connect people to the world through great visual stories. So we work to build a vibrant and engaged community of people who share our vision and commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship

    f-stop Values


    To us innovation is about expanding creative potential. We harness insights from the world’s best visual storytellers to create truly pioneering products.

    Our team brings together diverse perspectives from outdoor expertise, design, and photography, to bring you breakthrough adventure gear.

    Customer First Thinking

    We strive to connect the needs of our customers to the best possible camera carry solutions. So, we involve our customers in a process of continuous product improvement and evolution.

    By listening carefully to our customers, we developed industry leading technology in fabrics, design, engineering, and weatherproofing.

    It is this commitment to our customers and their passion for visual storytelling that enables us to remain at the forefront of the industry.


    At the core of our mission is a vow to take care of the beautiful places we all love. f-stop leads the market in the development of environmentally responsible product production and packaging.

    Back in 2020, we adopted a more environmental friendly manner of product packaging. All our products now come in reusable bags and packaging made from recycled materials.


    f-stop employees are our compass and our keel. We are a global team with diverse backgrounds, interests, and skillsets.

    We find strength as a team because we work together and live our values when developing new products, building partnerships, and serving our customers.

    f-stop only succeeds through the dedicated commitment of our staff


    Our Brand Ambassadors help us stay ahead of trends and focus on evolving customer needs.

    They are our family and the foundation of our integrity as a brand.

    We actively recruit a diverse network of visual storytellers for the Ambassador program and build long-term relationships to ensure we learn and support many photographic perspectives.
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