• f-stop Camera Inserts are weather-resistant, not waterproof. The insert provides padded protection and organization while carrying inside the pack or in storage. It’s not intended to be carried long-term as a stand-alone solution.

    Shallow inserts have a uniform external depth of 5’’/12.7 cm throughout. The Slope insert bottom depth extends on the deeper side to 7’’/17.8cm making it suitable for gripped camera configurations.

    The Large Slope and Large Shallow camera inserts were discontinued as part of product evolution and are no longer available for purchase. The Pro Large Insert is currently available for this size range.

    Currently, the Cine Master is the only insert with top-through access and is compatible only with the SHINN backpack. For hybrid top-loading solutions, check out our "Hatch-backing" article (https://shop.fstopgear.com/f-stop-tips-tricks-camera-units-stacking-hatchbacking/)

    Please reach out via Live Chat with the requested dividers or parts, including your product and shipping details.

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