• When balancing long-term value and quality, f-stop is not much more expensive than entry-level products selling to the same kind of customers. This is especially true when factoring in our modular design that allows a customized carry solution based on your needs, and bundling discounts which simplify the purchasing process.

    With f-stop, you will be getting a product:

    When you take all of this into consideration, f-stop camera backpacks represent an amazing value and deliver a much higher return on your investment than any other camera backpack in the world.

    The f-stop modular system is comprised of two parts – the insert and the pack. Unlike standard camera bags which have a limited amount of storage configuration, the combination of insert and pack gives our customers the greatest level of flexibility to carry the exact camera kit needed for any type of photography project.

    From nature, to landscape, to video, to urban or travel settings, to drone, and even adventure sports, the interchangeable camera bag inserts are also useful as standalone carry solutions on their own, with the ability to be used as carry-on pieces during air travel, or even storage organization compartments when at home.

    Pack and inserts can be purchased individually or as discounted bundles in the following configurations:

    Rain covers are included in "Essential", "Elite", and "Master" bundle packages. Otherwise available for purchase as a separate item.

    Our backpacks are weather resistant, not waterproof, which indicates protection from submersion. They can be exposed to light rain or snow for a short amount of time, however using a Rain Cover will add more protection.

    f-stop Camera Inserts are weather-resistant, not waterproof. The insert provides padded protection and organization while carrying inside the pack or in storage. It’s not intended to be carried long-term as a stand-alone solution.

    f-stop Ultralight (UL) packs are more compact than Mountain Series packs and offer a solution when nimble will be important. These camera packs are designed for camera gear and kits that are not very heavy, up to 7kg/15 lb, because they do not have heavily padded shoulder harnesses are made of ripstop nylon covered with 120 DWR coating, while the Mountain series have a 420 DWR coating.

    The UL series is designed for shorter day trips and weather conditions that are not very harsh, while the Mountain Series can be used for longer trips and can be exposed to light rain for a small amount of time. The UL packs are meant for camera gear that is not very heavy, up to 7kg/15 lb. The biggest ICU that is recommended for the UL packs is the medium-sized one, because of weight limitations.

    Both series have a harness system that is designed to help you better distribute the weight on your shoulders and waist. The 3 biggest packs from the mountain Series have extra padded shoulder straps that ease the weight on your shoulders. They also have an internal multipurpose sleeve that can fit up to a 17’’ laptop, while the rest of the packs can fit a 15’’ laptop.

    The maximum comfort carry weight varies between packs as follows:

    UL Series:

    Mountain Series:

    The listed measured pack volume includes all exterior pockets and compartments.

    We do not design packs specifically for taller people however all our packs from the Mountain Series and UL series can be adjusted to fit any body build, size, and physique.

    MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) is a universal attachment system compatible with thousands of accessories, including the f-stop Mano bottle holder, Lens Barrels, or the Navin Pouch.

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