• Learn how to reattach sternum strap on your f-stop legacy or classic Mountain Series pack.

    If your sternum strap was snagged and become detached from your legacy or classic Mountain Series pack, reattachment is simple, easy and secure.

    All you need to do is follow these simple steps to get you ready for your next adventure:

    1. Make sure that your strap/buckle is facing outwards from the pack

    2. Position the sternum strap attachment point against the rail on your shoulder strap at around a 45 degree angle and push towards the rail

    3. Wiggle the sternum strap attachment point as you push in a downward motion. This will encourage the attachment point to wiggle onto the rail.

    4. Keep pushing and wiggling until the attachment point is firmly on the rail. That's it. You're ready to get back out there.

    Remember: Enjoy the Journey. Be safe. Keep telling stories!

    Note: This applies to legacy or classic series f-stop Mountain Series camera packs such as the Lotus, Ajna, Tilopa, Sukha and Shinn.

    This is what you need to know about our camera packs! We give you an overview of what really matters in the Design or Functionality of the f-stop System. Furthermore, we give an outline of what thoughts go into building this f-stop System, designing our packs, the build, the carrying system, and most importantly, the modular design of f-stop Packs. This article focuses on providing an Overview to better understand

    What you need to know about the f-stop System

    A camera backpack needs to be tailored to the needs of photographers. Everyone has different gear, scenarios and where they bring the gear.

    Photographers are no strangers to the ever-evolving world of camera gear. The need to carry various lenses, camera bodies, accessories, and sometimes even drones has led to a demand for camera bags that offer both protection and organization. Since its founding, f-stop has specialized in providing technical camera bags for serious visual storytellers with flexible camera insert arrangements. f-stop is known for its rugged build, comfortable carrying system, and, most importantly, the modular system. As a result, the f-stop System allows users to customize their packs to their exact specifications.

    We have more articles diving into the Camera Inserts or also the Differences between the packs so make sure to check out our blog for more.

    How to pick the right pack for your needs

    It really comes down to understanding your needs first and the purpose your pack needs to fulfill. As an outline, the f-stop System consists of the pack itself and then furthermore the Camera Insert which is actually the heart of the Setup. The main purpose the pack needs to fulfill is to carry and protect your camera of course! After all, we have a range of sizes and styles of packs and Inserts to cater to different preferences and gear requirements. Whether you need a compact daypack for a short hike, a big backpack for an extended photo expedition, or Cine gear.

    A few points to keep in mind:

    Additional important questions you would need to answer yourself are:

    When you answer these questions you are on the best track to finding your perfect setup.

    Graphic showing the process of selecting a camera pack,

    The Design of Our Camera packs

    Overview of the Construction and Build

    Since f-stop Camera Packs and Bags are technical Camera Carry solutions they are designed with high durability and rugged construction to last for years. Following this mindset, we design and develop all of the packs packed with practical features that make it a highly advanced tool for your equipment to withstand the demands of outdoor photography. All the following points make the packs ideal for photographers who venture into challenging environments

    • Technical design and weather resistance
      From Water-resistant materials, welded seams (to avoid perforation through stitching), and reinforced weather-resistant Zippers. Additionally, we include numerous useful features like for example the drainage hole on the bottom of the front pocket to let moisture out. All things considered, the technical design aspects ensure that your gear stays protected even in adverse weather conditions.
    • Comfortable Carrying System
      First and foremost, the backpack-style design of f-stop Camera Packs prioritizes comfort during long hikes or photo expeditions. In order to ensure the best weight distribution, all Mountain series packs come with an Aluminium frame. Padded shoulder straps, a ventilated back panel, and adjustable chest and waist straps distribute the weight of the bag evenly. This is crucial to reduce fatigue.
    • Rear Access Points:
      Evidently, f-stop Camera Packs feature a rear access point to the main compartment. This facilitates quick and convenient access to your camera gear and keeping it safe.
      To point out the top two advantages of having a bag panel access to your camera gear are first and foremost protection against the elements and secondly safety.
      • The bag will lie on the front ( when on the ground ) so you have access to the main compartment therefore it will stay clean.
      • While you have the bag on your back, you will easily notice any attempt by someone to access your camera without your permission.
    • A Modular Camera Insert System
      One of the standout features of f-stop Camera Packs is the modular camera insert system. The heart of this system is the Internal Camera Unit (ICU). The Camera Unit is a padded customizable insert that can be easily swapped between different f-stop bags. The Camera Insert comes in various sizes to accommodate different camera setups ranging from mirrorless cameras to professional DSLRs and even cinema cameras. The adjustable dividers within the Camera Insert allow photographers to create custom compartments for their camera bodies, lenses, and accessories. The modularity of the Camera Inserts allows users to adapt their bags to various shooting scenarios.

    Other Design Features

    • Customizable Exterior
      f-stop packs come with various attachment points for our Gatekeeper Straps. Therefore this customization allows visual storytellers to tailor their packs to their specific needs. You can extend the carry load if needed and carry additional items like tripods, water bottles, or trekking poles. On top of that, you can add accessories to the outside of the pack with the featured Mollee System on the Mountain Series Hip-belt.
    • Accessories
      Our variety of accessories are designed to complement your camera pack which also helps to enhance organization and protection for lenses, drones, and small accessories. We offer Gadgets like a Dronecase, Packing Cell Kit, Accessory Pouches, and more.
    • Hydration Compatibility
      Moreover, f-stop packs are designed to accommodate hydration reservoirs, making them suitable for both photography and outdoor activities. In all our Mountain series or Ultralight series, you'll find a Multipurpose sleeve to hold a Water bladder. Look for the Hyperloon lash with H2O written on it. This is intended for a Water bladder Tube to go through. Aside from this, some of our packs feature Mesh Side pockets to carry a water bottle on the outside of your pack. Packs with the Mesh Side pocket are the Kashmir, Loka, Ajna, or Shinn. Each pack has a Side or front pocket to fit a Nalgene bottle.


    Whether you're a landscape photographer, a wildlife enthusiast, or a documentary filmmaker, f-stop's modular system allows you to protect and organize your gear efficiently. As the world of photography continues to evolve, we offer you a trusted companion for visual storytellers and photographers who demand flexibility and functionality from their camera bags.

    If you need advice or have questions please do not hesitate to reach out! We are here to help

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    Need further help or assistance?

    SUKHA 70L capacity adventure and travel camera backpack, pack or camera bag, for maximum camera gear with Large Pro Camera Insert
    SUKHA 70L in Nasturtium (color discontinued)capacity adventure and travel camera bag, for maximum camera gear

    Camera Bag Insert Compatibility Chart

    Although many Camera Insert options are available, users are not limited to a single option per bag. This is something we address in this f-stop Tips & Tricks about different options for arranging your gear which we call: Camera Insert stacking and hatch-backing.

    Our Mountain Series systems have become widely recognized for their comfort and modularity. A feature our hardware people always speak highly about has been the compatibility with our Camera Insert system ( also known as the Internal Camera Unit (ICU). It enables users the ability to balance their load and compartmentalize their gear. Aside from this, there are different arrangements

    Chart showing which f-stop Camera Inserts are compatible with each f-stop camera backpack

    Stacking and Hatchbacking Defined

    Camera Insert stacking is simply placing one Camera Insert on another. Position the camera units to both be accessible through the rear.

    Camera Insert hatch-backing is stacking and rotating a small-sized camera insert for access from the top. One thing to be aware of when stacking the Insert is the size of the opening of your f-stop pack.

    For example, a Lotus has a rear access opening the size of a large Camera Insert.

    Graphic showing the compatibility of Camera Inserts in the Lotus 32 L
    compatibility of Camera Inserts in the Lotus 32 L

    Rear Panel, Bag Panel opening

    The rear panel opening on the Lotus and Kashmir is 16” ( 40.6cm ) while the opening on all of the larger bags is 17” ( 43.2cm ). The depth will vary, but all of the packs are at least 7” in max depth. When choosing a Camera Insert-compatible bag, note that larger bags provide extra volume but also have higher empty weights to support heavier loads.

    Please reference the compatibility chart to see what combinations work best with each of our current Mountain Series bags.

    f-stop Camera Pack Tilopa with Camera Insert Medium Slope and a Camera Insert Pro Small hatchbacked on top for maximum gear capacity
    f-stop Camera Pack Tilopa with Camera Insert Medium Slope and a Camera Insert Pro Small hatch-backed on top
    f-stop Camera Pack Ajna with Camera Insert Pro Small and a Camera Insert Pro Small on top
    f-stop Camera Pack Ajna with the Pro Small Camera Insert and a second Pro Small Camera Insert stacked on top

    Find the perfect Pack & Camera Insert combination

    For those needing to utilize the entire main compartment for strictly camera gear that potentially varies, Camera Insert stacking is one of the most efficient methods of doing so. There are countless configurations possible.

    The ability to stack and separate different kits could be the optimal setup for your workflow. With different arrangement options, you can choose to bring what you need and adapt it to your specific kit.

    Compatibility Chart Camera Packs Graphic
    Compatibility Chart Camera Packs Graphic including DuraDiamond Packs and Classic Mountain series packs

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    The heart of each Camera Pack is the Internal Camera Unit which carries your kit. The Camera Inserts are interchangeable and each pack is compatible with various Camera Inserts.

    f-stop Camera Inserts collection

    We will visually guide you through the diverse Configurations that you can achieve with each individual pack.


    Not every pack is compatible or recommended to go with each Camera Insert. For instance, the Shinn 80 L is designed to accommodate large camera/video equipment. To fulfill this purpose, both the pack as well as the Cine Master insert have greater depth compared to other packs. The Cine Master Camera Insert is significantly deeper than the Pro XL Camera Insert. Therefore, when you are using an XL Camera insert it will not fill out the pack fully. As a result, you can avoid any movement of the Camera Insert in the pack you can attach it to the side attachment loops inside the pack ( next to the Aluminium frame)

    Chart showing which f-stop Camera Inserts are compatible with each f-stop camera backpack

    Camera Insert Compatibility Mountain Series

    [metaslider id=26578 cssclass=""]

    Camera Insert Compatibility Ultralight Series

    [metaslider id=26584 cssclass=""]

    Fitting Guide - Camera Inserts

    Furthermore, when choosing your Camera pack, you also want to consider how much extra room you need for additional equipment such as clothing, food accessories, etc. Gain a sense of the available extra space in the Packs with a variety of compatible Inserts.

    Learn more about how to select the best Camera Insert for your needs.

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    Now that we've got some time on our hands, I've started spring cleaning at a full force. If you want to join me, I'll show you tips and tricks for keeping your f-stop gear extra clean in the article below.

    The first step is to organize all the "artistic mess"    

    It's at upmost importance to me to have one camera pack and ICU to carry all my essential camera equipment in. As you can see, that's currently not the case. Since right now nothing is in the correct order, it's time to re-organize. Before doing so, it is time to clean the camera pack and ICU.Of course, I take all of my photography equipment out of the ICU and then I suction the internal part by using a vacuum cleaner.I use the vacuum cleaner to clean the main compartment of my camera pack as well.I have a habit of keeping the rubbish piled from snack bars, paper napkins, plastic bags etc. in the bottom pocket of the pack. If you also share this habit, don't forget to take it out of there and into the recycling bin!

    I also go the extra step and use high-pressure air to clean out both the ICU and the pack. If this tool is also available to you, I'd highly suggest you use it too.After all that cleaning and organizing,it's now way easier to access my work space. My Small Accessory Pouch is always equipped with First aid, suncream, power bars, Painkiller, keys, and USB cable. I never travel without my memory cards from angelbird.com

    I always pack my rain jacket, headlamp, tape, thin short rope, f-stop rain cover for my camera bag, and homemade rain cover for my camera. My essentials are always packed in the Accessory Pouches so when I switch packs, I can easily grab a pouch and be sure that all my necessities are always in my camera pack. It's a very important step to organize the gear in the ICU. To keep the cables and camera remotes organizes, I use f-stop ICU gate which are perfect for keeping smaller pieces of equipment from moving inside the ICU.

    Don't forget to take care of the hardware of the pack. My last step is treating the zippers with silicone spray. This helps them stay in good condition for a longer period of time. I am done for today! It took a while, but everything looks much organized now. 

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