• Cleaning the f-stop gear with Harald Wisthaler

    April 1, 2020

    Now that we've got some time on our hands, I've started spring cleaning at a full force. If you want to join me, I'll show you tips and tricks for keeping your f-stop gear extra clean in the article below.

    The first step is to organize all the "artistic mess"    

    It's at upmost importance to me to have one camera pack and ICU to carry all my essential camera equipment in. As you can see, that's currently not the case. Since right now nothing is in the correct order, it's time to re-organize. Before doing so, it is time to clean the camera pack and ICU.Of course, I take all of my photography equipment out of the ICU and then I suction the internal part by using a vacuum cleaner.I use the vacuum cleaner to clean the main compartment of my camera pack as well.I have a habit of keeping the rubbish piled from snack bars, paper napkins, plastic bags etc. in the bottom pocket of the pack. If you also share this habit, don't forget to take it out of there and into the recycling bin!

    I also go the extra step and use high-pressure air to clean out both the ICU and the pack. If this tool is also available to you, I'd highly suggest you use it too.After all that cleaning and organizing,it's now way easier to access my work space. My Small Accessory Pouch is always equipped with First aid, suncream, power bars, Painkiller, keys, and USB cable. I never travel without my memory cards from angelbird.com

    I always pack my rain jacket, headlamp, tape, thin short rope, f-stop rain cover for my camera bag, and homemade rain cover for my camera. My essentials are always packed in the Accessory Pouches so when I switch packs, I can easily grab a pouch and be sure that all my necessities are always in my camera pack. It's a very important step to organize the gear in the ICU. To keep the cables and camera remotes organizes, I use f-stop ICU gate which are perfect for keeping smaller pieces of equipment from moving inside the ICU.

    Don't forget to take care of the hardware of the pack. My last step is treating the zippers with silicone spray. This helps them stay in good condition for a longer period of time. I am done for today! It took a while, but everything looks much organized now. 

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