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Great images don't create themselves. We believe your camera bag should assist you in getting the perfect shot; not hold you back. Thats why f-stop camera bags and transport systems are engineered to do more than just help you survive the journey. By collaborating with professional outdoor photographers, the designers at f-stop have rethought what it means to haul camera equipment. f-stop brings you hardworking packs, designed to protect your gear and keep you organized, even in the most hostile environments. Whether you’re shooting downtown or deep in the backcountry, we build each one to get you and your gear there safely and efficiently, ready to focus on the image.

f-stop Offers:

45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Return the bag for a full refund for any reason if you are not happy with your purchase.

Warranty - If there is a manufacturer defect, we will fix it or replace it.

Premium Designs - Our packs are designed in large part from the feedback we have from working professional photographers; you can rest assured that we have a pack to fit your needs.

The best action sport photographers know the spoken rules of making great images - and then they know when to break them to make great images even better. The same thing is true for f-stop bags. What really makes them cool is their versatility. For example, yesterday I caught a flight to Chile from the US and both of my carry-on f-stop bags were filled to the hilt. Both fit in the overhead perfectly and got me through security with ease. most camera bags can't do that. Whats really gonna rock is tomorrow, when I reload that same Satori and make some epic powder turns en route to capturing some bangers; or tomorrow night, when I reload the Loka with all of my lighting equipment and use it to keep my powerpack dry while I shoot in the snow; or next week when we go on an alpine excursion and I use the Satori to haul minimal camera gear with my sleeping bag, tent, snowshoes, food and other gear. From gate to gate, summit to summit, I’m using the same couple packs for so many different types of shoots and applications; every single time, the f-stop bags rise to the occasion.

-Tim Kemple, Kemple Media

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