• Adventure all over Icleand with Simone Beizaee and Yvonne Lesewa

    August 1, 2021

    We are Yvonne Lesewa and Simon Beizaee, adventure photographers with many years of experience in the outdoor branche. We both studied Geography and are super happy that we can combine our love for nature, our favorite sports with being outside and produce stills and videos for magazines, brands and commercials.

    to Columbia, Mexico to all places around Europe. We plan, organize & produce all of our campaigns and this kind of creative work gives us the power for new ideas and trips. We have been living in our city of choice Innsbruck, in the middle of the Alps, for 6 years. Here we can perfectly combine our passion for photography and being outdoors. Whether it's mountain biking, ski touring or just a round of hiking with our husky Akiro. 

    We founded a creative Collective to work on bigger productions with friends we can relate on to make our clients happy and to stand out. As we love adventures, different cultures, people & food we work all across the globe, from MTB Race Events in South Africa,        

    Simone Beizaee 

    In August we had the opportunity to visit Iceland for our Client Hymer, to produce an outdoor adventure campaign. Already the 3-day journey by ferry, passing the Farör Islands, was absolutely impressive. After arriving on Iceland we didn’t had time to loose, so we headed directly into the Highlands. The next 4 weeks we travelled nearly 6.000 km through the Island to capture the car and the unique, breathtaking landscape. It felt like a trip on another planet. We went hiking in Landmanalaugar, watched Northern Lights, saw whales at the North Coast, went swimming in hot springs, marveled at the largest glacier in Europe and touched fresh lava at the active volcano Fagradalsfjall.

    Simone Beizaee 

    No doubt, this trip was different. The Icelandic Highlands are a deserted area without any infrastructure, hot 
    waterfalls and springs, massive glaciers, arctic foxes & volcanoes – is a dream for every photographer.

    The Highlands are only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle, so it was a dream come true for us to be able to travel them 
    with the 4x4 van, which was also a comfortable “home” with a kitchen and bedroom inside. The journey with our own van also has the advantage that we could take all our equipment easily. This was in addition to clothes for all 4 seasons (which we have also used!), Cooking utensils, 2 gravel bikes from Merida, hiking gear and our complete photo and video equipment.

    Simone Beizaee 

    As we founded our creative Collective theoutsidefactory we love to work together with creative minds – so we 
    invited filmmaker Florentin Haunold, a friend from Innsbruck, to travel with us to produce the image clip. Hundreds of kilometers on unpaved roads, potholes, weather changes from one second to the next, far away from any civilization, little experience in off-roading, long distances without cell phone signal and the drive to get the best shots out of everything - Iceland set us under pressure.

    Fortunately, we met an experienced off-road driver right on the ferry to Iceland, who was traveling to Iceland for the sixth time. On the 3-day ferry ride we quickly became friends and so we decided to start together in the highlands. So we got a feeling, of crossing rivers, climbing steep and rough jeep roads and how to plan distances and miles in the backcountry. We had an extra tank of fuel with us just in case, always enough food supplies for several days and checked the weather forecast several times a day to be as flexible as possible. We realized that it is a good idea to be well prepared in the highlands, not to drive off too recklessly, and to learn from more experienced people.

    Simone Beizaee 

    Hard to say as every day was filled with little adventures and breathtaking moments. The possibility to reach an
    active volcano and on the same day drive next to Europe’s biggest glacier is crazy! But also standing under a hot 
    waterfall in absolute solitude of the Highlands and knowing civilization is several hours drive away was definitely a unique adventure. We found a road which was not mentioned on any map, but which was an official road, that meandered relatively close to the glacier. We followed the road, which became steeper and steeper and suddenly we were directly above the glacier. We were able to park our car right next to the glacier. The sunset on the glacier with the sea in the background was an unbelievable experience. It’s like traveling back in time and the the European alps decades ago.

    Eating out in Iceland is very expensive, so we cooked for ourselves most of the time. The fish & chips tasted all the better after a long, cold day in a cozy bar at the harbor. Once we tried ice cream made from local sheep's milk and blueberries, which took some getting used to for us. Cafe is national drink in Iceland, no wonder with the often uncomfortable temperatures outside. In addition, there are extremely sweet pastries, relatively cheap which made it always a good idea to make a coffee stopover somewhere.

    Simone Beizaee 

    The highland roads are often only open in July and August due to the weather and are closed for normal cars 
    without four-wheel drive. Renting a car locally is relatively expensive, especially if you are traveling for a longe time, it can be worthwhile to take your own car and travel by ferry. Since the ferry runs only once a week, this is quickly booked up in the high season. In the highlands, an extra gas can and offline maps should definitely be in your luggage. The weather can change within minutes, when hiking always have a rain jacket with you and check the weather forecast in advance. Download the Aurora app to increase your chance of seeing northern lights.

    In the last years we traveled through Norway, Albania, Switzerland, Dolomites or Greece. And on our bucket list for next year are definitely mountain biking in Scotland and Iceland in winter someday again. 

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