Kashmir 30L Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack

$239.99 - $479.99


3 Year Warranty
Ships Globally
45 Day Trial & Return
- Height: 52cm | 20.5in
- Width: 31.8cm | 12.5in
- Depth: 27.9cm | 11in
- Weight: 1.1kgs | 2.5lbs (empty)
- Torso Length: 31cm | 12.2in
- 30 liter capacity
- Ideal for the active female photographer, it retains features of the Loka Ultra Light with a shorter torso height and harness system.
- Exceptional all-day support provided by an internal aluminum frame and adjustable support system.
- Pairs best with the Shallow Medium Camera Insert
- Chart further down page showing Camera Insert compatibility
- Essentials Bundle includes: Kashmir pack, Shallow Medium Camera Insert and a Large Rain Cover

- Elite Bundle includes: Kashmir pack, Shallow Medium Camera Insert, Shallow Small Camera Insert, Large Accessory Pouch, Gatekeeper Straps and a Large Rain Cover

- Also available in a Pack Only option

This chart shows the recommended Camera Inserts and compatibility with f-stop camera backpacks

Chart showing which f-stop Camera Inserts are compatible with each f-stop camera backpack
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