• Packing the 50L Tilopa with Joshua Snow

    April 1, 2020

    Joshua Snow is a Moab, UT based ex-engineer turned fine art Nature photographer, who specializes in creating ethereal and dramatic imagery and teaching advanced capture and processing techniques in his immersive photography workshops all over the US and world! Most of Joshes' time spent domestically is wandering around in his hand build travel van with all of the creature comforts of home with his partner and two rescue pups. In addition to f-stop, Josh represents Nisi Filters, Gnarbox, Lume Cube and Data Color as a brand ambassador and works closely with Really Right Stuff tripods as a beta tester and writer. 

    Joshua Snow 

    I am a long time Nikon user and fanatic and my gear arsenal is comprised of a Nikon D850, D810, 2x 14-24’s, 24-70 and 70-300 Vr. Over the years I have curated this arsenal for purpose, versatility, and practicality. The Nikon D850 is a powerhouse with features that have helped shape the way I compose images.The D810 is a faithful backup in the untimely event the 850 fails, which knock on wood, has never happened.

    The lenses are staples in my bag and since a majority of what I shoot is captured with a wide-angle it's imperative I have a lens that is capable of focusing very closely, is sharp and versatile for landscapes and night scenes. The 24-70 covers a lot of situations as well and allows me the versatility of capturing scenes in different ways, creating focal length blends for unique takes on popular locations and more. The 70-300 although not Nikon's sharpest tele-zoom lens is very light and since it doesn’t get as much use as the others, weight is important, and it's certainly sharp enough.

    Joshua Snow 

    All of my essential gear squeezes into an XL ICU inside my Tilopa with a little room left over for filters, remotes, flashlights, a GPS, lens cloths, hand warmers,  a water bladder and a few other odds and ends I like to keep with me.The side pockets don't get much use since I typically have a tripod or two strapped to the side of the bag, but the top pouch and internal upper compartment share the load of these odds and ends and some snacks. Almost everything I carry with me aids in my photography, whether its snacks to keep me energized, a multi-tool to remove cactus barbs from getting a little too close, or hand warmers to keep my fingers, toes or even lens warm when shooting in high altitude or cold locations. I always keep my GPS/satellite messenger clipped to me in the event of an emergency, or to just keep in touch with my better half when I'm In the backcountry

    Joshua Snow 

    I am always itching to get on the road when I am home in Moab, Ut for short periods to catch up on website and business work, each time getting a little less attached to a brick and mortar place to live. I love being on the road, wandering and exploring areas I either have visited or new places I've yet to visit. I am greatly inspired by the idea of waking up somewhere stunning and different each day, pushing open the van door with mountains and stunning beauty just feet away.

                                   You can find Joshua's work on his websiteInstagram and Facebook.

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