• Photo crawl in Rosario, Argentina with Juan Pablo Bassi

    January 4, 2020

    On the 28th of December-2019, f-stop Street Crew member Juan Pablo Bassi had the chance to lead the first f-stop Photo Crawl in Argentina. Juan Pablo Bassi is an outdoor and adventure photographer from Rosario. In the past years, he worked with specific clients of the outdoor industry and also has been published in magazines like Nat Geo Traveler - Latin America and some local and international climbing magazines. He is also photography teacher at a local school call Mucha Escuela, teaching about street photography, documental and adventure photography.

    This past December 28th I had the chance to host the first f-stop photocrawl made in Rosario.  For those who don’t know it, Rosario is one of the most important cities in Argentina. Located at approximately 300km from Buenos Aires, it´s famous for being the cradle of our national flag, the passion of its inhabitants for football (soccer) and for the “carlito” (a kind of toast sandwich with ketchup).

    On that hot afternoon of December, we gathered to spend a couple of hours walking around the city, taking some street photos and testing some photography gear. Assistants got the chance to see and try some of the f-stop products such as the Dalston, as well as some ICU and other accessories. Regarding the photo crawl, we’ve made many shoots stops especially around the area of San Luis street where it’s full of graffiti. They had had the chance to meet other photographers and to talk about photography techniques as the hours went by. Later on, we’ve made a stop to drink some sodas and rest for a bit. We finish the walk at the National Flag Monument, where the participants were able to get to the top of the monument and get a spectacular view of the city.

    Juan Pablo Bassi 

    Everyone was excited about the chance to see and try the f-stop products. As for me, hosting this event for a brand like f-stop was challenging, but ended up being something great. I’m really happy that the assistants enjoyed the event and everything was as planned.Thank you very much to the whole crew of f-stop, I’m sure that during 2020 we will organize more events like this one.  

                              You can find out more about Juan Pablo Bassi on his Instagram and Facebook.

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