• Photography during a Pandemic with Dany Eid

    July 4, 2020

    Dany Eid, 45 years old, married & living with his wife in Dubai. He is professional photographer, specialized in landscape & architectural photography. Born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting. He is passionate to travel exploring the world and runs different workshops sharing his experience with those who are starting out as hobby photographers, might remain hobby photographers or follow their dream and take it to the next level. Dany is a Carl Zeiss global Ambassador & part of Nikon school Middle East & North Africa.

    f-stop: How are you keeping up with the current situation? What tools are you using to “normalize” your life considering all the changes caused by coronavirus?

    Here in Dubai & since implementing the curfew or a partial lockdown, I have been working more on sorting my photography archives & post processing old images, that were forgotten. I was quite surprised & happy to stumble upon old memories related to images I shot. What I missed the most is leaving the house at sunrise or sunset (my favorite shooting timings) to shoot. I started appreciating my balcony more & more & it became my one & only shooting location. I’m lucky to have a good view & was eve luckier with some great sunsets & a thunderstorm (they don’t often happen un Dubai), where I was able to capture the thunder.

    f-stop: Do you have anyone close to you who works in healthcare? How has their lives been impacted?                                                                        

    Not really, the only one I know working in the healthcare section is a dentist, who is taking all possible measurements including protective gear, while treating a patient. It’s quite challenging for him. However life goes on.

    f-stop: What are you doing to improve the situation in your community, your family, or your surroundings?                                                                 

    I would say everyone is dealing with the situation in a different way, some are quite pressured & others are cooping & dealing. The most important thing is to respect each other & not to underestimate other’s fear or anxiety feeling. On the contrary maybe give a helping hand & draw their attention to how they can fill up their time doing something creative. As a photographer I would recommend to make use of your camera, not necessarily your professional camera, but any camera you have. Cook & shoot your food, look out of your window or balcony, check out the view. If you have a garden or plants capture a picture then check tutorials, work on old images you once took, compare old & new images you took. I just came across one of the first images I shot years ago & would very much like to re-capture the same lighthouse again. I’m sure the image will be different

    f-stop: What tools did you use for post-processing the old photos you found? Are you planning on publishing those?                                               

    I used Adobe Photoshop. I regularly post my images on Instagram, especially when I come across old images that bring good memories. The  images that I am referring to can be found on my Instagram.

    f-stop: What's your plan for the near future / do you have anything special you'd like to achieve in the coming period?                                              

    I would start with what I miss the most during the pandemic crisis & that is traveling. So once the border restrictions are lifted, I would like to ride in my car Obelix & travel. I almost got stuck in Saudi, where I had my last trip before the border closure, exploring the Saudi desert & planning for the launch of new photography overlanding workshops. So until the borders open, I’m exploring my destinations & mapping the routes & stops I would like to take / visit.

    Dany Eid, 45 years old, married and living with his wife in Dubai. He is professional photographer, specialized in landscape & architectural photography. Born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting.
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