Loka UL

For the active shooter desiring simple and light, f-stop has engineered an ultra-lightweight carry solution for their needs, the Loka UL. The pound-pinching pack features a rip-stop nylon 37L shell, full-size suspension, and internal frame in a streamlined package tipping the scales at a mere 1kg. Rear and top access makes the Loka UL a versatile form-fitting bag ideal for adventures where all that is needed are the bare essentials and a camera. ***ICU sold separately


Integrated Features

The 37L Loka UL provides the a perfect solution for the balance between camera and everyday gear loads. Offering a lighter weight suspension and harness system than the Mountain Series, the Loka UL still sports a no-compromise system with articulated hip belt, shoulder straps and aluminum frame to drive weight off the shoulder and onto the hips. The Loka accepts 6 different ICU sizes to fit your specific gear needs. (Those requiring a full Large ICU’s worth of camera kit are recommended to explore the Mountain Series packs.)

Pack Attachments

Ultralight Series Features

Size & Fit





55.88cm | 22in



31.75cm | 12.5in



27.94 | 11in



37 Liters



1.20kgs | 2.65lbs


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