• Something small, light and sturdy | A Day Out with Alex Hansen

    November 4, 2022

    Something small light and sturdy

    A Day Out With Alex Hansen can be either a backcountry trip or a one hour hike for fun. Lena, f-stop Visual Storyteller in Residence, got to meet Alex between projects in Boulder, Colorado for such a quick hike. Alex has been working on some exciting projects, too. Alex and fellow photgrgapher, Matt Meisenheimer, recently went on a cinematic tour in Hawaii. Some video from that amazing trip is below! 

    Alex Hansen's drive for photography excellence and adventure stems from time spent in the world’s biggest mountain ranges. Alex’s goal is to distill the beauty in the subtle moments we so often experience while out in nature. From extending ridgelines, to carved out river basins, he has a passion for capturing these places in a raw and emotional way.

    When choosing the right pack Alex focuses on packing as light as possible.

    His choice for a quick hike where he doesn't need much with him is his Navin DuraDiamond® Welded Camera Pouch. For longer hikes or Back Country trips he brings the Ajna 37 L DuraDiamond®

    Springtime in Boulder - Colorado

    In May 2022, Alex and Lena (on here 5-week journey around the US) got a chance to meet up in Boulder, Colorado. After a meet and greet for lunch, they went to Lena's car to make the drive to a location Alex spotted for a short hike. Alex noticed the back tire of Lena's Jeep was a little light on air. Okay, so maybe not just light on air. It was flat.

    Turned out there was a hole in the tire, and it had to be changed. Alex ended up helping Lena for the next 2 hours in the middle of the city. The tricky part was to find a working jack and finding the tire tool in the car. They managed to find a replacement tire and get the flat changed, but the delay force a change in plans. So, they agreed on a quick hike the following day before Alex had to leave for a project in Peru.

    Alex is familiar with The Flat Iron, and it was a short hike from the parking area. He just "scrambled up on one of them the other day." Hiking with Alex is quite relaxed. He always smiles and has jokes on the side. A lot of photographers would probably shy away from going out shooting in the middle of the day, but for Alex it's more about the joy of spending some time out and enjoying taking photos. "If the light is super harsh you can just focus more on the details around you and take the sky out of the frame" as he phrases it. "Basically we are out here to have fun! And that's probably one of the most important things that I try to think about and consider. Often times have to take ourselves very serious while working as a photographer - But the days in the afternoon where you can just go out and shoot, have fun and not necessarily care about the outcome is really nice. I try to force myself to do that more often - even if its just an hour in the middle of the day. It helps to keep the joy there for photography and just have fun and thats quite important!"

    When you're out shooting with him, you'll notice that he is looking through the viewfinder quite a lot.. Either you see him shooting or he is actually checking images and reviewing them. "The colors and depth are much more detailed as compared to reviewing images on the screen." he mumbles while reviewing through the viewfinder His number one tip though is "Don't review your images while walking on rocky terrain! It could end bad for you or your camera ," he says and grins.

    Alex Hansen in Interview on a Hike out with Lena Oberhofer  with the Navin DuraDiamond® Alex's favorite camera pouch for short Hikes

    Matt and Alex on tour - Life on the Edge | Kauai 

    Recently Matt Meisenheimer and Alexander Hansen were on on a backcountry hike in Hawaii. This trip was quite fitting since both of them work at Backcountry Journeys. Kauai's Na Pali Coast, where mountains meet the sea, it is one of the most dramatic and beautiful coastlines in the world. Matt captured the mood high up in the national park with his drone and camera while Alex got some photos of Matt, too. It was perfect to have two talented creatives in a place like this. Both of them beautifly matched in the scenery with the f-stop cypress green Ajna 37L and the Tilopa 50L. 

    Make sure to check out the video below produced by Matt Meisenheimer of their trip featuring Alex Hansen as he explores and photographs the coastline at sunset.

    A Brief Summary of Gear

    Wherever Alex goes he brings gear suited to his trip or project.

    For the hike out in Hawaii, or overall longer backcountry trips, Alex brings the Ajna 37 L DuraDiamond®. He uses the bag to carry water, cameras, lenses, some snacks, and additional clothes. 

    His friend and collague Matt Meisenheimer's set up looked a bit different with his Tilopa 50 L DuraDiamond®. Compared to Alex, Matt preferes a bit more room for his gear - a drone, microphones, and camera gear - and the thicker shoulder strap padding

    For an hour hike the Navin DuraDiamond® Welded pouch is Alex's all time favorite bag. Just one camera body and attached lens and off he goes. Since he doesn't like to carry anything in his pockets he also puts his creditcard or key in the top Zipper. Weight is essential for him, therefore he thinks through what he packs and which pack to bring as little gear as possible. With the Navin he is on the lightest side possible - but still has enough Battery life and storage with the Battery grip on his Camera and 2 SD card slots for the whole day. 

    The only thing is that he missed during the quick hike out with Lena was a water bottle and some "safety" snacks. "Lena was like - let's go up that hill or lets go down that hill - now my stomach is starting to grumble". He says while in interview. Next time they are out he'll probably bring the Ajna! 

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