• The heart of each Camera Pack is the Internal Camera Unit which carries your kit. The Camera Inserts are interchangeable and each pack is compatible with various Camera Inserts.

    f-stop Camera Inserts collection

    We will visually guide you through the diverse Configurations that you can achieve with each individual pack.


    Not every pack is compatible or recommended to go with each Camera Insert. For instance, the Shinn 80 L is designed to accommodate large camera/video equipment. To fulfill this purpose, both the pack as well as the Cine Master insert have greater depth compared to other packs. The Cine Master Camera Insert is significantly deeper than the Pro XL Camera Insert. Therefore, when you are using an XL Camera insert it will not fill out the pack fully. As a result, you can avoid any movement of the Camera Insert in the pack you can attach it to the side attachment loops inside the pack ( next to the Aluminium frame)

    Chart showing which f-stop Camera Inserts are compatible with each f-stop camera backpack

    Camera Insert Compatibility Mountain Series

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    Camera Insert Compatibility Ultralight Series

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    Fitting Guide - Camera Inserts

    Furthermore, when choosing your Camera pack, you also want to consider how much extra room you need for additional equipment such as clothing, food accessories, etc. Gain a sense of the available extra space in the Packs with a variety of compatible Inserts.

    Learn more about how to select the best Camera Insert for your needs.

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