Rach Stewart

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: mount maunganui, new zealand

About Rach

I am a self-taught landscape, travel and adventure photographer based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

My passion to be with nature along with a love of art, adventure and exploring is what I think characterizes my photography and forever fuels me to seek out and find the beauty created by the natural world.

I am inspired by landscapes, and love to travel to new places, exploring the unknown and finding the all-important elements that connect humans with nature.

My use of long exposure photography in my images is something I love and is perhaps my signature style. It is a method of photography I was drawn to right from the beginning, and it always keeps me on my toes trying to perfect my art. 

Being outdoors feels like home to me. I love to hike and hang out with the mountains, but you will also find me surfing at the beach and spending my summers in the ocean. It is an added bonus for me that I get to capture moments I experience on the camera. I feel like I found my calling when I picked up a camera, and I’m not sure I’ll ever put one down again.

Being part of the f-stop team is a dream as the brand incorporates everything I love.





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