• View Finders - Georgia Public Broadcasting Series About Outdoor Photographers

    July 4, 2022


    f-stop Ambassador, Chris Greer, and his partner Jason Clemmons, host a program about photography and photographers - Renewed for a Second Season!

    Chris Greer is a new f-stop ambassador and part of our Pathfinder Collective. Chris owns Chris Greer Photography, and you can find his work on Instagram, too. We met Chris about a year and a half ago as he was in the process of developing an idea which turned in to television program – View Finders. The show is about outdoor photography at little known, but beautiful places, in  Georgia. The show is also about the photographers on those adventures, and this type of content is rare on broadcast TV. Chris agreed to answer a few questions and tell us more about his work and the Georgia Public Broadcasting TV show.

    Q. Tell us a little about your passion for photography?
    A. My love for photography stems from my desire to get out and explore locations near and far in search of beauty. I love hiking and being outside, and I think landscape photography is a perfect activity that can motivate someone to get up early, stay out late, and take the road less traveled in search of a unique composition or a tucked away location that few have seen. While I have traveled the world and experienced some truly incredible places, I also appreciate the simplicity of just getting out and finding locations near my home that I never knew about, and that offer tremendous potential. It is calming, peaceful, and a fantastic way to decompress from the stresses of everyday life.

    Q. What got you started as a photographer?
    A. When I was 12, my dad handed me a Pentax K1000 with a few rolls of film. This started my photographic journey and forced me to learn things like aperture values, shutter speeds, ISO ratings for film, and so much more. I think shooting film really made me appreciate the small nuances of compositions and forced me to be much more deliberate with my photography. All those images were going to cost money, and so I really thought about each click of the shutter. Now I am strictly digital and can enjoy the luxury of unlimited captures, but my roots are in film, and I think it made me a better photographer. 

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    Q. Tell us about View Finders Television? What inspired the concept for View Finders?
    A. Here in Georgia, there is a TV show called “Georgia Outdoors” that takes viewers to locations all over the state and educates them in some way. I was watching it one day and thought, “My friend and I could do something like this, but with a very different approach.” I had a contact at Georgia Public Broadcasting (“GPB”) which is the PBS affiliate for Georgia. I set up a meeting to pitch the idea to the station. The concept is to tell the story about two photographers who were in search of beautiful locations to photograph. Along the way they would meet with experts who would talk about why these places need to be protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. The team at GPB loved the idea and told us to bring them 5 episodes for the first season, and that is the genesis of “View Finders.” Soon after, we had REI, Troncalli Subaru, Explore Georgia, and Terrapin Beer Company all signed on as sponsors, which gave us the funding to make the show great. It was a very exciting whirlwind couple of months. GPB has been very encouraging about the project from the start, and they are excited about developing the show even further which means there will be a season 2. 

    Q. You are preparing for season two, so can you tell us a little about some season one highlights?
    A. Season one was very exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. I don’t have a background in TV production, much less hosting a show. The good news is that my buddy Jason was with me the whole time, and he served as a fantastic co-host (and is an outstanding photographer). We get along very well, and so I think the audience feels that connection in each of the episodes. From trekking all over Cumberland Island to paddling across the Okefenokee Swamp in search of a camping platform, we had a lot of outdoor adventures and plenty of fun as well. We joke around with each other a lot and so the audience gets to see our personalities as well as our love for photography. I think that it really created a strong connection throughout season 1. A few memorable moments included camping in the middle of a swamp surrounded by 15,000 alligators and hiking all the way to the top of a mountain to find the Chattahoochee River headwaters, which is truly just a small bubbling spring coming out of the ground. 

    Q.  How does View Finders fit into your photography mission or vision?
    A. I love to take photos, and I want others to see and appreciate my work. I strive to get better every day, and I am always pushing myself to try new things or step outside my comfort zone to try to improve my photography. Also, I want to just put myself into the position to take a great image, which means getting out into the landscape often and searching for great light and great compositions. View Finders fits into that perfectly, because the entire show is driven by the desire to take great photographs, and it also exposes my work to a large audience. It has been a tremendous project and I am very hopeful about where it might lead over the coming years. 

    Q.  How can readers watch season one?
    A. Readers can watch the entire first season by visiting View Finders

    Watch the entire Episode 5 - Okefenokee Swamp https://www.pbs.org/video/okefenokee-swamp-b759q9/

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