• Adventure in the Patundas Meadows | Northern Pakistan with Peter Toth

    November 4, 2022

    For this project we teamed up with Dockyard Stores and a badass Hungarian athlete Viktor Zicho. Through this weeklong adventure we hiked up to Patundas Meadows in North Pakistan in order to shoot Viktor riding his mountain bike at 4,500m altitude and hike on the spectacular ridge towards Passu Peak (7,478m) and the mighty Shispare (7,610m). 

    Stunning views from the Patundas Meadows in Northern Pakistan

    This scenic highland is wedged between two giant glaciers called Batura and Passu. Dockyard provided Viktor with all the required apparels including gears from Mountain Hardware and Scarpa. 

    We carried a portable solar system with us in order to shoot the whole weeklong. Weather was sunny therefore we had no problem with charging batteries and backing up data. Getting up to Patundas took us 2 days including a traverse through the Passu glacier and an elevation gain of 2000 meters. We had one local porter helping us to carry up our supplies for one week. Once we arrived, we stayed 2 nights in a shepherd hut then we moved higher up to Passu Peak's base camp and stayed in our tents for the rest of the time. 

    We carried our gear through the whole trip in ouir f-stop TILOPA 50L backpacks. The packs held camera gear and other essentials we needed for this high elevation hike.

    The only available water source was to melt snow during the entire week which worked fine. There was plenty of snow. From Patundas there is one of the most stunning views of entire North Pakistan due to the 360 degree mind blowing panorama of the Karakoram range. 

    Besides shooting a commercial photo series and video for our client, Viktor had an additional mission to climb a 6000 meters peak in the area which has never climbed before. His mission was not successful. He needed to turn back 500 meters before he could reach the peak due to a dramtic change in the the weather. After one week of constant sunshine, a snow storm arrived. The following day our team decided to leave Patundas and finish this photography and video adventure.

    Meet the Adventurers

    Cecilia Fazekas and Peter Toth are two adventure lovers from Hungary. Peter used to be a sales manager, and during weekends he performed as a DJ in underground house and techno clubs. Cecilia worked as a buyer for a medical equipment company, and she has always had that travel bug inside. Both have been camera geeks from the very beginning of their relationship, and that created a strong bond between them. Their images captured a lot of attention, and it did not take long for them to become professional photographers.

    After bidding farewell to their successful careers, they pursued their wildest dream to be full-time travel filmmakers and photographers. In September 2020, they have started their great journey and drove their camper van through 12 countries covering 70,000+ kilometers through the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Iraq. Their next stop was Iran where they travelled more than four months with Peter proposing Cecilia along the way. She said yes. After Iran, the couple went to Pakistan for six months and spent most of their time exploring the incredible mountain ranges of the Karakoram and the Himalaya. 

    After 2+ years of roaming the world and creating content for international brands, they ended up becoming professional freelancers making videos and photography. They manage social media accounts on various platforms, and they build content strategies for clients. As adventurers and camera nuts, they've neen fortunate to serve as brand ambassadors for multiple world-wide brands. Cecilia is in her element when taking photos while Peter is in love with creating videos. They have no intention to stop travelling anytime soon and after leaving Pakistan their planned destinations for 2023 are India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

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