• The f-stop Difference

    Our products are different because we think different

    What makes f-stop different?

    Customer First Design and Development Process

    The f-stop design and development process represents a 15-year journey towards the development, design, and delivery of the best possible camera backpacks and bags. We designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands over nearly two decades. We use a tried-and-true product development and design journey to deliver value and the highest possible quality to our customers.

    The most important tool for design & product development is customer insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors we learn what “job” customers are trying to do. From there, we apply this valuable insight to the product design to make completing the “job” customers want the product to perform more efficient.
    Gonzalo Manera and Alexander Gendron hiking in Portugal with two Ajna

    Functional Aesthetic Design

    Customers want products that do a job for them. For f-stop customers, the job our camera backpacks perform is getting camera gear safely and efficiently to and from any possible location. We know this based upon more than two decades of field research, collaboration with the world’s top photographers, and behavioral feedback and data.
    A woman standing in a snow filled environment wearing the f-stop Dyota 20L Roll Top Camera Backpack in the North Sea Blue color

    Materials and Components

    f-stop maintains direct relationships with all component suppliers. There are no third parties involved. We use the highest quality fabrics that are light, strong and weatherproof. We developed custom and proprietary zippers and plastics. We are also leading the outdoor and photography industries in using environmentally responsible packaging for every product.


    We believe a commitment to sustainability should not be something separate from our processes, systems and products. For us, sustainability is a central part of who we are. From the packaging made from recycled materials to the durability of our products, the f-stop commitment to sustainability is unbroken. Rather than being a catchy motto or initiative of the week, our commitment to sustainability guides everything we do.
    f-stop AJNA 37L camera backpack in Cypress Green color and the f-stop TILOPA 50L camera backpack in Magma Red color pictured on rocks

    Construction and Assembly

    We manage the entire journey from component manufacturing to final product assembly. We put every component through advanced testing and extensive quality control processes, and we impose strict tolerance levels on each phase of testing. We engage in comprehensive supply chain tracking and management, so customers get the products they want when they want them.
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