• Crews for a Cause Community event supported by f-stop

    March 4, 2020

    Crews for a Cause has been a labor of love. They started out of a desire to give back in a way that they uniquely could - by using the skills and connections they have built as professionals in the entertainment industry, to create short and impactful films for other non-profit organizations. There are so many amazing causes around the world that don’t have the know-how or the funding to produce their own content. That’s where they come in. With a growing list of over 300 volunteers from 15 countries, ranging from writers, producers, directors, and editors, to voice over artists, animators and graphic artists (among others), they pair grateful organizations and causes with entertainment professionals that truly believe in their mission.

    We are proud to be part of the whole adventure and support their cause. We recently had the opportunity to support one of their Community Events called "Brews for a Cause". For them, this is the first of the many Community Events that they plan to organize around the world, and we are excited to be part of it.

    We have a total of twenty projects in progress and completed in the little over two years we have been around. That means twenty amazing organizations that will have a way to promote themselves to the world, because of what we do. Here are a few examples of some projects we have are particularly proud of:

    Georgia Climate Project is a multi-year effort by a statewide consortium of universities and colleges working with partners to improve understanding of climate impacts and solutions and lay the groundwork for Georgia and its residents to take effective, science-based action. What was amazing about this project was how our volunteers came together from all over the country and the world to help a relatively local initiative. The video was filmed in Georgia, edited in Texas, mixed in Connecticut, and had graphics done in Belgrade, Serbia!

    Crews for a Cause 

    Police Autism Community Training (PACT) was started by Abbey Love in Lexington, Kentucky. Abbey has a brother on the autism spectrum and has seen first hand the way police officers and first responders can misread situations and act inappropriately, sometimes dangerously towards people with autism due to lack of education on the matter. Although this cause is based in Kentucky, it was directed, filmed, and edited by volunteers in Los Angeles, and now being animated by a volunteer in London, England. Almost every volunteer involved with this project has a friend or loved one on the autism spectrum, which has made working on this project especially impactful. We are very excited for it to be finished soon, and will enable PACT to spread their message of awareness and education around the world.

    Crews for a Cause 

    Australia Wildfires (ongoing) - With the recent devastating bushfires throughout Australia, we’ve connected with nearly a half-dozen organizations dealing with the aftermath, and focusing on the human impact, loss of animals, volunteer firefighters, and the environment.  The response from the international community to our call for help was incredible, with over forty individual volunteers stepping up to help from around the world.  Over the next year, we plan to roll out the videos to help these organizations succeed in their goals.

    Crews for a Cause 

    Although our global community is a remote network, we place a lot of value in the passion of our Crew, and what makes them want to get involved in the first place. This sense of togetherness and comradery between like-minded people in our industry is one of the most empowering components of what we have achieved so far. To foster that idea, we have started to host community events that can get our local volunteers together for a night to meet, network, and have a great time.

    Our first community event, “Brews for a Cause” which was supported by f-stop, was held in December in North Hollywood, California where we had over 60 people come from all over the Los Angeles area. We had music, games, and highlighted our different projects that our crew could volunteer for on the spot. Meeting so many people in our industry and getting them passionate about what we do was an amazing experience, and we look forward to expanding our events and hosting many more to come.As we grow our community by connecting with filmmakers all around the world and hosting more events, we look forward to continuing to bring a large number of meaningful opportunities to eager creatives looking to share their talents and collaborate with one another.

    To learn more about Crews for a Cause, join their growing list of volunteers or submit a cause in need, visit www.crewsforacause.org

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