• f-stop Legacy Mountain Series: How to Reattach your sternum strap

    March 4, 2024
    Learn how to reattach sternum strap on your f-stop legacy or classic Mountain Series pack.

    If your sternum strap was snagged and become detached from your legacy or classic Mountain Series pack, reattachment is simple, easy and secure.

    All you need to do is follow these simple steps to get you ready for your next adventure:

    1. Make sure that your strap/buckle is facing outwards from the pack

    2. Position the sternum strap attachment point against the rail on your shoulder strap at around a 45 degree angle and push towards the rail

    3. Wiggle the sternum strap attachment point as you push in a downward motion. This will encourage the attachment point to wiggle onto the rail.

    4. Keep pushing and wiggling until the attachment point is firmly on the rail. That's it. You're ready to get back out there.

    Remember: Enjoy the Journey. Be safe. Keep telling stories!

    Note: This applies to legacy or classic series f-stop Mountain Series camera packs such as the Lotus, Ajna, Tilopa, Sukha and Shinn.

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