• Dyota 20 - the bag which came to stay with Timo Anis

    August 1, 2020

    Until now I have been using different kind of bags for different causes. But I wasn’t really satisfied with them, because all of them had some cons. So, I have been thinking and looking out for a better solution for myself, especially for every day usage.

    Timo was born on the island of Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia, which, among other things, is well known for hosting one of the greatest rallies in Estonia, For the last 6 years, Timo has been working as a freelance photographer and he loves being able to experience the variety of light

    My thoughts were heard when I got a phone call from f-stop founder Druid who offered me to try out their premium all day work bag - Dyota 20.
    Firstly I had no expectations and hopes. I just wanted to test the bag in real life. I’m a person who does a lot during each day, so that means I have to carry quite a number of things with me. It’s not only the camera and lenses. It’s also my laptop, gym clothes, books, water bottle, accessories, another set of clothing and etc. As you can see the list is long, especially potentially for a bag for every day usage. So after I received the bag, the first thing I did was the act of trying to fit the above mentioned things into Dyota 20. And to my surprise it managed to fit everything. That’s a good starting point.

    The other positives which stood out for me from the first touch were these:

    • High build quality and technology. Materials used for the bag are as good as it gets;
    • Weather sealing;
    • Practicality of the product: easy to use,quick access to the top and side compartments of the bag;
    • Practical for business, leisure and sports;
    • A great bag for smaller photoshoot;
    • Great selection of colours;
    • Cool looking bag;

    The bag fits a lot and at the same time it isn´t huge in size. Thats a cool bonus. You can take it easily everywhere you go,

    f.e to a train, airplane, bus, car, scooter, bike and etc. That also means it’s a good choice for many different kind of people from sportsmen to professionals who work in a bank. It offers a unique experience and at the same time it’s simple to use and practical. I would say it’s like an Iphone: it offers high quality every day using experience. Once you have tried it you don’t really go back where you came from. When the sky opens and rainfall starts you don’t have to worry. Go out and take the bag with you. The build quality and the material used are more than great. All your things will be dry. If you have to wear the bag for a long time, not to worry. Tested it and because of the good thought which has been put into the development of this bag, the weight distribution is great. Your back and shoulders won’t be aching after hours of wearing it.It also has enough storage for the little accessories like keys, wallets, tablet and etc. And those are cleverly hidden away. That means you don’t have to fill your pockets with all this stuff. Store them in the bag and you are good to go.

    The top panel is foldable and easy to access. A great bonus when you need something. It also has innovative magnet sealing system. A great little peace of innovation! The side of the bag is also easily accessible and there is the inner ICU unit for camera equipment. It only takes few seconds to access the camera and you are ready to shoot. These are just some examples of the possibilities this bag offers. After using it for few weeks I’m really happy to have found something which I can use for years. No matter where I go or what I do on daily basis this is the bag for my needs. The Dyota 20 is a game changer which suits everyone from nurses to government officials.

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